Ecosystem in Revive & Prosper – Update

Hey Revivers🌱 

The new, natural ecosystem in Revive & Prosper is alive! 

Why should you care? Because your characters can only survive in an environment where there is enough clean water. 

Watch this short video showing you the reviving power water has on dry land — along with the devastating effects of poison on that revived land.

Ecosystem in Revive & Prosper
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THREE epic news flashes

We’ve been busy! 

How busy? 

So busy we have THREE epic news flashes for you: 

1. Revive & Prosper will be available through the Epic Games store! 
2. Instead of human characters, the game characters you control will now be slightly mutated animals! 
3. A new, poisonous acid will spread through water into the ground! 

First, please watch this 8-minute gameplay video to see the current state of the game:

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Mystiqular Game Studio has passed 3 months of Revive & Prosper development!

We are truly proud of the current state of this strategy pc game and we are sure that it is coming out in 2023.

Let me summarize for you in this update what we have done during 2 key milestones of Revive & Prosper development, and what we will do in the 3rd milestone.

R&P Video

Watch this short overview video of what the team from Mystiqular Game Studio has created in these 3 amazing months of development.

3 Monts of Revive & Prosper development update video
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Are you controlling the game, or is the game controlling you?

After we released the first milestone, 0.1, I realized that instead of going for new features, I need to focus on the playability of the game and better control. Our game is not intended to be played where you control individual characters, as with classical strategy games. Rather, you do global planning of work needed to accomplish the tasks you want done, setting up your crew based on priorities you set, then you watch things happen.

The side effect of such a system is that you can become frustrated, as you simply don’t know why the F**K something is not happening — or something else IS happening.

First, watch this video:

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Current state of the game

Today we submit our game to and one of the requirements is a video explaining the game. It’s been a little over 2 months since we started to work on the game, and it’s kind of an interesting moment to look at the current state of things.

Also to look back to see what was planned vs. what we achieved.

But mainly it’s important to look to the future to see what’s ahead, and how the game will look and work, let’s say 3 months from now. And I can’t wait to be there.

First, here is the video:

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