Release of major update – version 0.14.5

I’ve been working on new version for past 2 months. It contains some major changes:

  • The Martians have landed on Earth and they’ve taken the last cow! You can choose to obey and share what you produce or you can try to fight back. But in both cases, you should build a spaceship and find out what happened to the cow.
  • Removed Campaigns – there isn’t anymore one bug campaign, but the maps are split to tutorials and gameplay maps.
  • New Defensive Options: If you choose the path of resistance, prepare to arm yourself with bullet turrets, pneumatic turrets, train turrets and laser cannons.
  • Revamped UI: We’ve redesigned the main menu to be more user-friendly.
  • Enhanced Tutorials: Our very first tutorial map has been polished and now includes a UFO encounter.
  • Flexible Gameplay: Choose between three difficulty levels and two modes—playing with or without Martians. Without Martians, the game remains as you’ve always known it; with Martians, prepare for raids, ransom demands, and an ecosystem filled with exotic yet deadly flora and fauna.
  • New Buildings and Technologies: Space Port for building a spaceship. Concrete Facilities include a plant, constructor and concrete trains. Toxic Purifiers to keep your environment clean and livable.
  • More trains: Besides concrete trains, you’ll enjoy constructing trains that lay tracks and finally trains equipped with defensive turrets
  • Train Depot: For repairing your trains
  • Enhanced Armaments: Upgraded weaponry to protect your bases from extraterrestrial threats
  • Orbital Expansion: The game now lets you fly to orbit. In the next update, you’ll be able to build orbital stations, which are a step between Earth and the Moon
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New features are comming

I did become less activate in last 2 months. Not because I’ll work less on the game .. actually quite opposite. I’m working on MAJOR update that is going to add few major new new mechanics to the game including playing at multiple planets at same time and space travel .. but there is more.

We are planning to do some basic testing next week and therefore we are looking for volunteers who already know the game (purchased or prologue) who will want to play new map with some new mechanics.

If you are interested, post your base screenshots to our discord.

Last crazy week before release of the game in Early Access

So this is it, we are one week away from the Early Access release of our game. It will be exactly 1 year and half-a-month since the first line of code was written (the very first line!) and … here we are.

I have to admit I’m getting a little bit crazy as we race toward the release. We had a very successful Czech and Slovak week on Steam, where we collected a lot of wishlists. I was streaming for days; a great opportunity for me to look back and review the game.

As I did, I felt there was something missing. I love to play games like Factory Town, where you are driven mainly by constriction and research, but I felt that, with Revive & Prosper, we can do better. So I decided to make the game harder. How? By adding meteorites and lightning storms.

This is how a meteorite looks in the game (no cuts; this is a gameplay video!)

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Visual updates continue

As we address various visual changes in the game, it seems we’ve opened a box that’s kind of endless. Two weeks ago we added slopes, and now we’ve moved completely from the low-poly style to a more mature style with materials.

I was originally pushing the low-poly style as it looked to me to fit well in the voxel world, but I have to admit the new visual feels better. We still have sharp edges and I understand we may get some hate because of them, but the overall feel just looks more pro.

We have sharp edges because the terrain is fully modifiable during gameplay, and because of all the other elements I still think the voxel based terrain is most ideal. But because the terrain is built by code, and there are so many combinations, we are currently not able to get rid of the sharp edges.

But we did add some light smoothing, which highlights the edges and I think that looks very cool.

As we work on the game we will try to handle those too.

Major visual update and Steam Strategy Fest

Last 2 weeks we were pushing major visual update of the game. It’s not only updated lightning and colors but there is new update of the slopes. We did have them at the begging of game development, but the we dropped them. Now they are back and better then ever.

But first the new trailer we did for the game!

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Short Intro To The Editor

We’re nearing the release of a major update for our game: the Liquids System.

Part of that will be a new map in the campaign, which will let you play with this cool feature. The Liquids System allows you to irrigate dry land, and is a cornerstone of the chemical industry. Yay!

Before releasing it, here’s a video showing how I built that map in our game editor. This will be available for you as player, to build and share your own maps!