Ecosystem in Revive & Prosper – Update

Hey Revivers🌱 

The new, natural ecosystem in Revive & Prosper is alive! 

Why should you care? Because your characters can only survive in an environment where there is enough clean water. 

Watch this short video showing you the reviving power water has on dry land — along with the devastating effects of poison on that revived land.

Ecosystem in Revive & Prosper

Yes, from now on poison kills all flora and makes water undrinkable for characters.

 Let me first explain what exactly you see in the video. 

When water starts flowing, the soil around the water gets darker because of spreading moisture. 

This moisture causes grass to grow, which starts spreading. 

Grass then slows evaporation of moisture, which means the soil dries more slowy.

Soil with enough moisture is ready for trees and food planting. 

Reviving land

Clear and simple, right? 

Now, if poison comes along, it destroys everything nearby. 

Poisoned water amd ground

You can see trees and grass drying and dying in the second half of the video. 

And here comes water again to save the day, because only water can wash the poison away and make the ground fresh again.

The strategy element is in the smart planning of where to guide water to clean the poison, while keeping enough for drinking and growing. 

Lilly pods and reed

You will dig corridors and build dams for this purpose. 

The devs are balancing these two forces to give you a proper amount of challenge while still having fun. 

Oh and just one more thing. 

To spice up this simple premise, weather comes on the scene bringing rain or heat. 

In an upcoming update you will see how your best pal water can ruin your factories and automated production by falling on the ground as heavy rain. 

Don’t panic. There is a way to save your precious infracture. 

I’ll show you next time…