🟠 Q: What is the current state of the game?
🟢 A: The development of Revive & Prosper started November 20th, 2022, and after two months we have the first playable demo, which is internally play tested to polish the gameplay.

🟠 Q: Are there any enemies in the game?
🟢 A: The only current enemy in the game is the environment.

🟠 Q: Is there an active pause?
🟢 A: Yes! To make the game experience as relaxing as possible, there is an active to pause for taking time to think about strategy.

🟠 Q: Will you share the demo with the community?
🟢 A: We plan to share it, when we are sure the gameplay is polished enough to be a joyful experience.

🟠 Q: When will the game be released?
🟢 A: We plan to release and Early Access version of Revive & Prosper this year (2023).

🟠 Q: Where will the game be released?
🟢 A: You can find it on STEAM and add it to your wish list, so you’ll be noticed about the release date.

🟠 Q: Will the game be PC exclusive?
🟢 A: Yes. We are considering porting it to Steam Deck also.

🟠 Q: Are you planning Closed Beta testing with the community?
🟢 A: Yes, we are. We will share the info about testing on our Discord channel.

🟠 Q: Is this the first video game you are developing?
🟢 A: The whole team is experienced in game development. Some of the members have already published successful game titles.

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