Energy System

And we are back after the holidays. For me it was mainly working time, as I was pushing Revive & Prosper to get a playable demo. Not ready yet, but some major milestones were achieved, and I need to create videos for all the features that were done.

Today I want to show you the power system. Let’s start with the video first:

Ok, so the energy system or systems.

Currently I have planned 3 main energy systems for Revive & Prosper:

  • Torque (already implemented)
  • Steam
  • Electricity

They should copy some kind of evolution of characters in the map. So torque is first, most simple to achieve, all you need is wood. You can create a windmill or watermill and they will generate power.

It’s not a stable source as we will have weather in the game and there can be days with low wind or dry days where the water level will be lower, but it’s really easy to get and use.

I never liked in other belt games that the belts move by themself (with no power source), and because we do have these energy systems in the game now, the basic wooden belts require this external torque. BUT it would be super annoying to power each belt with a rod, so I made the belts part of the distribution system. And the result is more than interesting. You can connect belts to buildings and distribute power through them, which simplifies building and makes the gameplay more fun.

So I’m more than happy with the result. Now I’m adding more buildings that can automatically do production, like an automatic wood cutter, simple furnace, etc.