New Power Source – Water Wheel

As we are getting closer and closer to the first round of testing of our game, we are completing all the features in the game. Yesterday I just added a new power source – the water wheel. Let’s see a video first:

This is super exciting because this is now a second source of torque power in the game. You can now use wind, which is less reliable, or s water wheel that is stronger and produces constantly the same energy.

In my original plan I wanted to give players 3 ages of energy – torque, steam and electricity. Idea was that there would be 3 networks and different types of buildings. Well, as we work more and more on the game and test it ourselves I found out that it would be too much – too complicated.

There will be a steam machine that will need fuel and water, but it will provide torque as energy, and then there will be electricity as a 2nd power source.

And that will all come soon!