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Mystiqular Game Studio is based in Czech Republic
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Progress through ages


Single-player PC game played in the 3rd person, Revive & Prosper is a factory builder with automation and resource management set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by natural disasters.

On individual maps with dynamic terrain and real water simulation, players guide mutants from manual labor to full automation using belts, trains and even catapults for delivering items.

Built on Unreal Engine 5, the game runs smoothly with millions of on-screen objects, accessible on standard hardware.

Trailer November 2023
The latest trailer showing the goal of the game
Survival mode is back

Unique Features
  • Real-time water flow simulation on modifiable terrain
  • Complex moisture system connected to natural vegetation cycles
  • Dynamic weather bringing lightning storms causing fire
  • Sprinklers and water cannons for fire fighting
  • Toxin spreads from factories, with solutions for balance
  • Automation of every production step
  • Trains serving as agricultural machines
  • Progress from the Wooden age to the Space age
  • Various transportation methods, including belts, catapults, and trains
  • Game editor for creating and sharing maps
  • Golems doubling workforce
  • Meteors and natural disasters
  • 3 difficulty levels – Builder, Survival, Battler
PJ Strnad explaining the game
Automated Base
Advanced Base
Base in fire
Fire walks with you
Fighting fire with water cannon

Terrain, Water & Moisture:
Utilize voxel-based terrain with slopes for natural, walkable designs. Realistic water simulation features moisture moving from water to soil, influencing ecological processes.

Soil & Vegetation:
Monitor soil moisture stages, from dry to wet soil, supporting grass and flower growth. Toxic soil impacts vegetation. Different plants serve as raw food or resources for technology.

Control a limited group of mutants using a complex job system. Assign tasks, modify priorities, and ensure logical actions. Free 3D movement enables vertical designs.

Factories process resources into items or other resources, fostering automation as your base expands. Generate torque power through windmills or water mills to power factories.

Choose between manual, belt-based, catapult, teleport, or train transportation methods to move items efficiently.

Travel through ages and technological advancements, mining resources, and utilizing new power sources like electricity. Upgrade existing infrastructure for seamless progression.

Campaign & Tutorials:
Enjoy a campaign introducing new mechanics and a gradual learning curve. The first level serves as an in-depth tutorial.Editor:
Access a fully functional map editor to design your own maps and share them with the community.

Picture meteors and lightning storms tearing through your once peaceful landscapes, setting everything ablaze. But fear not – we’re handing you the reins with water cannons and sprinklers to douse those flames and safeguard your hard-earned resources.

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