Game Description

Fully automated base witn an atomic plant and a space port

So what is Revive & Prosper?

A base-building sandbox strategy that you can spice up with an optional enemies adding more survival and tower defense challenges.

In the optional Martian game mode, the Martians kidnap the last cow on Earth and you want it back.

Game mechanics

In this single-player automation game, you gather and manage resources, construct manual and later automated factories, optimize production lines and expand to space.

You produce materials, parts and liquids, such as fuel for the spaceship, and fly off to terraform the Moon and Mars.

A crew of mutants and their golem helpers will do all the manual work for you.

You’ll shape the terrain to make paths for your crew and a place for your base.

Each map presents a challenge to plan efficient mining, harvesting, and production.

You’ll also work extensively with water, which represents a source of energy, a necessary resource for production and growth, and also an effective weapon against aggressive Martian flora.

You go through technological ages from simple wood to chemical, atomic, and space.
You’ll build a spaceship and expand your base to Orbit, the Moon, and finally – Mars.

Progress from manual work to automation

Starting in the so-called wooden age where all the buildings are manually made of wood, stone and soil and aiming for the apce age and Mars terraforming.

The game is based on voxel graphics (a voxel is the smallest cube in a three-dimensional image) and built on Unreal Engine 5.

We carefully test and optimize so that the game runs smoothly with millions of on-screen objects, being accessible on standard hardware.

Unique features

  1. 3 difficulty levels: Builder, Survival, Battler
  2. Optional Martian enemies
  3. Real-time water flow simulation on modifiable voxel terrain
  4. Complex moisture system connected to natural vegetation cycles
  5. Dynamic weather bringing lightning storms that cause fires
  6. Sprinklers and water cannons for firefighting
  7. Toxin spreads from factories and Martian Monoliths, with solutions for balance
  8. Automation of every production step
  9. Progress from the Wooden Age to the Space Age
  10. Various transportation methods, including belts, catapults, teleporters and trains
  11. Level editor for creating and sharing maps
  12. Golems doubling the workforce
  13. Complex and deep gameply offering tens of hours of playing


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