Characters can now drink water

This is another major breakthrough in the game play. Our characters have 3 new statistics – hunger, thirst and tiredness. They can fulfill their thirst by drinking water, once you build a water well.

First have a look at this video:

How it will work?

Thirst is the most vital statistic, that’s why it was implemented first.

Thirst value is currently between -20 and 20. If the value is 20 or close to 20 the character is happy and he has drunk enough. When he is between 0 and half of the maximum (currently 10) based on the job priority he can go and drink – or you can send him to drink by assigning the him the “job” of drinking.

If thirst gets below 0 the job to drink will be the character’s top priority and he will go to drink if there is place to drink.

If the thirst get to the minimum (currently -20) he will stop moving and start to loose HP. At that stage someone else will have to bring him water, otherwise if his HP reaches zero he will die.

The values are now fixed, but they will vary based on individual characters.

The same mechanic will apply to hunger and tiredness.

Tiredness will be more simple – characters will only need to sleep.

Hunger will be a little bit more complex, as you can cook food for each character and each food will have a negative and positive effect. More complex food will give better results.

The same will actually apply to drinks – currently we have only water, but there will be more – tea, coffee which will decrease tiredness, but have some other negative effects, etc. I think this will be really fun.