Release of major update – version 0.14.5

I’ve been working on new version for past 2 months. It contains some major changes:

  • The Martians have landed on Earth and they’ve taken the last cow! You can choose to obey and share what you produce or you can try to fight back. But in both cases, you should build a spaceship and find out what happened to the cow.
  • Removed Campaigns – there isn’t anymore one bug campaign, but the maps are split to tutorials and gameplay maps.
  • New Defensive Options: If you choose the path of resistance, prepare to arm yourself with bullet turrets, pneumatic turrets, train turrets and laser cannons.
  • Revamped UI: We’ve redesigned the main menu to be more user-friendly.
  • Enhanced Tutorials: Our very first tutorial map has been polished and now includes a UFO encounter.
  • Flexible Gameplay: Choose between three difficulty levels and two modes—playing with or without Martians. Without Martians, the game remains as you’ve always known it; with Martians, prepare for raids, ransom demands, and an ecosystem filled with exotic yet deadly flora and fauna.
  • New Buildings and Technologies: Space Port for building a spaceship. Concrete Facilities include a plant, constructor and concrete trains. Toxic Purifiers to keep your environment clean and livable.
  • More trains: Besides concrete trains, you’ll enjoy constructing trains that lay tracks and finally trains equipped with defensive turrets
  • Train Depot: For repairing your trains
  • Enhanced Armaments: Upgraded weaponry to protect your bases from extraterrestrial threats
  • Orbital Expansion: The game now lets you fly to orbit. In the next update, you’ll be able to build orbital stations, which are a step between Earth and the Moon

Some of the changes are part of my long-term plan, while others are reactions to community feedback or my personal experiences from gameplay.

One significant change is the removal of the campaign. Initially, with around 50 buildings, it was exciting to play a map, progress, and then move on to another, gaining more technology and focusing, for example, on steel production. However, around the chemical age, this approach ceased to be effective. It became frustrating to spend hours, or even tens of hours, finally reaching the chemical age, only to produce a few resources and complete the map.

Therefore, I decided to change the gameplay. Now, each official map provides a complete experience—you can construct all the buildings and even venture into space, building bases on the Moon and Mars (which is still a work in progress).

I find this approach much more satisfying. Now, it makes sense to build a large base and invest time in optimizing processes because you know it’s worth the effort.

Another significant change involves the Martians. I knew I wanted to add more content, and the idea of having UFOs and Martians in the game emerged. However, this content was always intended for later stages of the game, and I aimed to improve the beginning instead. Thus, I introduced the concept of Martians stealing your cows, requiring you to pay a ransom to retrieve them. You have the option to disable this feature, but I believe it adds a fun element. Additionally, you can engage in combat with Martian beasts or resolve conflicts peacefully—it’s up to you.

Enjoy the content, and rest assured, we are still working intensively to bring you more.