Visual updates continue

As we address various visual changes in the game, it seems we’ve opened a box that’s kind of endless. Two weeks ago we added slopes, and now we’ve moved completely from the low-poly style to a more mature style with materials.

I was originally pushing the low-poly style as it looked to me to fit well in the voxel world, but I have to admit the new visual feels better. We still have sharp edges and I understand we may get some hate because of them, but the overall feel just looks more pro.

We have sharp edges because the terrain is fully modifiable during gameplay, and because of all the other elements I still think the voxel based terrain is most ideal. But because the terrain is built by code, and there are so many combinations, we are currently not able to get rid of the sharp edges.

But we did add some light smoothing, which highlights the edges and I think that looks very cool.

As we work on the game we will try to handle those too.