Revive & Prosper will be part of Steam’s Next Fest

I’m happy to announce that our game will be part of the upcoming Next Fest on Steam. Next Fest starts June 19th, and ends June 26th.

For the last two weeks we’ve been focusing on giving players the best possible experience.

I’m aware that the game has a steep learning curve, and for people who don’t know the genre it can be hard to understand.

Therefore we’ve focused on creating a campaign in the game that will take you through the mechanics of how to play, while at the same time being lots of fun.

On top of that we upgraded the user interface, and are now doing videos that will take you through each campaign map .

Here is the first one:

How to control automatic spreading of trees.

The automatic spreading of trees is a cool and important feature of the ecosystem, but sometimes it can be super annoying. It almost feel that trees are “attacking” your base and nature wants to take over.

It’s actually a cool mechanic, yet there should be something else that you can do about it other than to cut small trees all the time.

I finally developed a solution for that – use the fences or walls to control it. Here is a short video explaining how:


This is a new feature that actually wasn’t planned from the beginning but came about from the test plays of our game. When I was playing it looked to me that it just takes a long time for the characters to do all the work that I planned for them. And it took even longer when the characters need to sleep, eat and drink.

So I came with the idea to spawn a golem for each character. Here’s a short video explaining the new feature (I have behind me quite a few hectic days, so please excuse my bad voice quality):

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