Last crazy week before release of the game in Early Access

So this is it, we are one week away from the Early Access release of our game. It will be exactly 1 year and half-a-month since the first line of code was written (the very first line!) and … here we are.

I have to admit I’m getting a little bit crazy as we race toward the release. We had a very successful Czech and Slovak week on Steam, where we collected a lot of wishlists. I was streaming for days; a great opportunity for me to look back and review the game.

As I did, I felt there was something missing. I love to play games like Factory Town, where you are driven mainly by constriction and research, but I felt that, with Revive & Prosper, we can do better. So I decided to make the game harder. How? By adding meteorites and lightning storms.

This is how a meteorite looks in the game (no cuts; this is a gameplay video!)

Meteors are scripted for each level, meaning there are either none, one, or many. Always landing at the same spot at the same time.

Then it’s switched with lightning storm which comes after the meteorite. Lightning storms usually last one game day or longer and bring droughts, together with a few lightning strikes which can set trees or crops on fire.

You can choose the difficulty for each – Builder, Survivor & Battler, so if you are one of our old players and you loved how the game was before, Builder is here for you!

I hope you will enjoy these changes.