Major visual update and Steam Strategy Fest

Last 2 weeks we were pushing major visual update of the game. It’s not only updated lightning and colors but there is new update of the slopes. We did have them at the begging of game development, but the we dropped them. Now they are back and better then ever.

But first the new trailer we did for the game!

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Walking of characters

In Revive & Prosper you will play with a few characters (my idea is that it would be limited to 20). You are not going to control them directly, but you will instead create for them jobs. Each character will have a defined priority for each type of job and once he gets idle he will look, based on the priority for available jobs, and if he finds one he will do it. It’s a similar system like RimWorld or its ancestor Going Medieval .

To do that characters need to be able to walk in the world and see all available jobs. My development approach is to create a map of all fields interconnected with each other where I can easily find all available locations with the job and I can find path between the character’s current position and his destination. Here is a short video showing what I did:

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The first thing I created for my game is the world.

The idea is a wasteland with some sources of water and acid. Water can turn the dry land into fertile soil. Acid would kill the soil and probably slowly dismantle it.

Water will flow through the level and the dry land would suck the water inside and increase its internal moisture. But the sun will remove the moisture quite rapidly. However if there will be some vegetation on top of the soil, it would decrease the amount of evaporated water and it would increase the travel distance of water from the water source.

This is already a mechanic that I have done, but the whole system of water traveling through the level is not good yet so I’ll post some video on that once the water is fixed.

I want the characters in the game to be able to change the terrain and control where the water is flowing from the beginning of the game (control the environment). So the whole game is a grid of squares – like Minecraft. The grid is in the size of the characters. Here is a sample of a character walking through the map:

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My name is Pavel Jiří Strnad and I’m a game developer. After releasing my big project Last Oricru, which was in development for 7 years, I decided to go back to my indie roots.

I’m kind of sick of games where you are winning by killing your opponent and I was looking for something more creative. So I designed my new game, named Revive and Prosper. The idea behind this game is that you are controlling a group of survivors in the wasteland and you want to take them through to their paradise. To do that you need to use your survivors to adapt the environment to their survival but with understanding and care so you actually help the environment itself.

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