First factory

Wow … so we have the first factory ready. Now the characters can turn wood into planks, sticks and gears. All wood materials needed to build belts. Here’s a short video:

I was looking at how to build a clean interface and logic for the production, and I kind of like what we have now. Factories will always show a list like that so it’s very clear what can be produced, and you can produce all the materials – no need to build more factories for each type of product.

Next step is to build a factory that can produce belts and other advanced mechanics, and I’ll also probably create a cooking spot.

After that we are going for the automated factories which is where the fun will begin! We will need some source of power and my plan is to add a way to produce torque from wind, water or humans (maybe). We will need a distribution system for that power, so there is some development in front of me.

But the torque will not be the only source of power – there will be also steam and electricity for more advanced building and progression of technology.

I guess this year my Christmas will be spent behind the computer!

Thanks for watching and I can’t wait to have the first closed beta for you guys to test play it and show me maps you created!