New UI and better control over the jobs

Today it’s exactly 1.5 month since I started the development of Revive & Prosper. It’s going so well, and I’m still so excited, that I hardly sleep 5 hours per day 🙂

What do we have today?

I’m now focusing on the UI. Look at the video:

Now, how this works.

I built C++ a code that defines list of properties for every single object in the game. They can vary based on the state of the object, etc. Tomas Fusko created individual widgets using UE for each type of property – title, text, checkbox, drop down, etc.

I styled them with the help of my wife Barbora, who leads the art department for our game, and now I can simply add, change or remove a property of any object and it automatically generates the correct interface. It’s making development faster as I don’t need to find the specific UI for each type of object and add/remove a property.

Those small ideas are things that save me time and allow me to move fast in the development.

Also you can see in the video the new color tone of the game. Now it’s kind of greenish. It’s not final, we’re just experimenting.

Another feature in the video is a new level of “foliage”. It’s the ground below the carrots and trees.

It’s an idea I’ve been playing with for two weeks and it should solve the emptiness of generated levels. I’ll focus on that more next week. Christmas time will this year be development time – yes!

Thanks for watching and I’ll post new updates once they are ready.