Golems Update

They don’t eat, they don’t sleep. They’re eager to work. And the only thing they want in return is…


Update will drop by the end of the week!
What can you expect?

4 types of Golems happy to help you

  • SAND golem, a basic type with 72 hours life span. Doesn’t like water and needs only soil and wood to be spawned.

  • STONE golem, also has 72 hours life span, and can spend the whole life working underwater. For spawning use stone and wood.

  • METAL golem hides below its shiny surface a heavy metal heart. Lives for 120 hours. Iron ingots and coal make them alive and it will repay by a great strength coming from its steel muscles.

  • HIGH-TECH golem is the most advanced golem with the longest life span of 144 hours. It can also work underwater, and carry a loads of resources.

Spawn the right one

Need the underwater one for taking care of your rice fields or building a gigantic dam? Stone and High-Tech golems are more than ready to do their job!

Who would win the 100 m/109.36 yd dash? And be the best golem for crossing a map with a backpack full of resources?

what does a carrot have to do with it?

More details about the secret life of golems are coming!


  • Can they live forever?
  • How they become masters of all jobs?
  • Can you give your mutants a specific golem soulmate?

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