Czech & Slovak Games Week

Revive & Prosper proudly participated in the Czech & Slovak Games Week event and it was a real blast!
Check out what we’ve learned from this event, how many viewers our last stream got and what are the next steps on Revive & Prosper.

Dev stream on Steam

First of all, if you missed our lives streams, watch the record on Steam.

Because the event is a great opportunity to show the gameplay to as much players as possible, we were live streaming the whole week.
This mean playing the game constatly for hours in a row.
Thanks to it we’ve found a couple of glitches which are already in fixing process. And also experienced how newly implemented features affect the overall gameplay that we are slightly rebalancing at the moment.

Amazing unique viewers

The last live stream on Steam watched more than 200 000 unique viewers which is great news for the whole team. The message is clear – Revive & Prosper simply deserves to be developed to the epic end bringing players to Mars. And we’re proud to be a part of it.

The next steps

The next steps of Revive & Prosper lead to release in Early Access on the 5th December 2023.

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The whole team is now focusing on polishing the players’ experience and enhancing the gameplay of achievements to encourage players for diving deeper in the exciting complexity of R&P.

Let us know what achievements would you like to earn in Revive & Prosper through the Discord.

Enjoy your reviving!