Chemical Age Update

This is a Major update that we have been working on since last month.
The Chemical Age brings new buildings into the game and changes certain existing ones to make the game more fun.
Oh, and the toxic is back!

Picture of voxel base surrounded by trees and rivers. The base is full of factories, water wheels, digging wheels and belts, creating a huge production line.

You already know from the last update post that we released the game in early access on Steam and Epic store.

Since then we continuously add new content, fix reported issues and balance the gameplay.

Check out new challenges, resources and factories below.

New Buildings

  • Oil Pumpjack
  • Petroleum Refinery
  • Chemical Plant
  • Bioethanol Plant
  • Sealed Liquid Container
  • Battery

New Resources

  • Petroleum
  • Alcohol
  • Ethylene
  • Sulphur
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Fiberglass
  • Circuit board
  • Water with Fertilizers
  • Polymers
  • Plastic
  • Cables
  • Control Unit


  • Water Containers – added leaking
  • Barrels are now created from Metal Sheets not Planks and have new visual
  • Barrel Filler & Barrel Dispenser are now glass/metallic

Other Changes

  • Access all buildings from the build menu on each map
  • Rebalanced Teleporters
  • Wildfires from lighting have limitation to 150 trees and then they stop to spread
  • Sprinklers speed can be customized
  • Buildings can be destroyed on hard difficulty
  • Fully localized tutorial

The key resource for the Chemical Age is Petroleum.
It’s a resource hidden under the ground on the lowest level of the map.
You can see a Petroleum mark on the ground.

A petroleum mark on the ground.

It can sometimes be hard to spot it in complex terrain.
Therefore we suggest hiding all layers of the ground (by pressing key 1 or pressing the Glass Magnifier Icon at the bottom right and using Alt+Mouse Wheel Roll Up to “scroll”) and making the water transparent using the water icon at bottom right.

How to scroll through layers in the game to spot a petroleum source.

In this mode you can easily spot the Petroleum.

A petroleum source on the lowest level of the map.

You can switch back by pressing 0 (zero) or the Glass Magnifier icon.

Once you discover the Petrol you need to dig the terrain to get access to it.
For that purpose it’s ideal to use a Deep Spiral Digger.
Just place its digging spiral on top of the stain.

Deep spiral digger able to dig a hole to the petroleum.

It will dig terrain quite fast.
We do suggest using the metal belt, as the wooden belt is not fast enough.
Once you see the digger is moving slower, or that it sometimes produces Uranium (that’s for later game) you’ve reached the bottom of the ground.

Deep hole to the petroleum source.

Destroy the digger and now you can place an Oil Pumpjack.

Oil Pumpjack mining the petroleum from the ground.

Mined Petroleum should be taken into the Petroleum Refinery.
That’s currently the biggest building in the game, with its majestic dimensions of 6x6x7 fields.
It takes a lot of resources to build, but you typically need only one building like that in the game.

Petroleum refinery which is currently the biggest building in the game.

At the refinery you have two production options:

  • Sulphur & Polymers
  • Or Sulphur, Polymers, Ethylene & Engine Oil in Barrels.

What’s the use

  • Sulphur is used for Phosphoric Acid and Batteries
  • Polymers are used for Plastic and Fiberglass
  • Ethylene can be converted to Alcohol
  • Oil is used to make machines with metal mechanisms work faster
  • Phosphoric Acid is used for conversion of Ethylene to Alcohol and to create Water with Fertilizers
  • Alcohol is used for Fiberglass and as fuel in Bioethanol Factories
  • Plastic is used for Batteries, Cables & Control Units
  • Fiberglass is used for Circuit Boards (and will be used for construction)
  • Circuit Boards are used for Control Units, which are already the first product for the Electronics Age that is coming.

Most of the production of the Chemical Age is done in a Chemical Plant.

Chemical Plant

This is a special building because until now almost all production could be done manually or in an automated factory (except furnaces products).
Same as a Refinery, it’s powered by electricity. 

Unfortunately production in chemical plants creates toxicity in the soil.
Over time the toxicity in the ground will grow, and if your chemical plant is built close to a water stream it can make the stream toxic, which could be disastrous.

Fortunately, bricks prevent the spread of toxicity, making it desirable to build leaky factories on top of brick dams.
Rivers can be protected the same way.

Chemical plant producing alcohol, sulphur, ethylene or fertilizers.

Toxicity System

The toxicity system has been rebuilt.
Toxicity prefers to stay on the surface, and if there is a water stream it’s more likely it will toxify the water.
Water will clean toxicity from the map over time.
It’s a completely new viewpoint on the whole mechanic, and we hope to get your feedback in order to update the balancing.

BioEthanol Plant

Good news is that Alcohol is a clean and stable source of electricity if produced from Corn.
You can create Alcohol from the chemical process of combining Ethylene, Phosphoric Acid & Water, but that’s not really cost-effective for a power source.

Liquids & Barrels

As you can see we added multiple liquids.
Currently there are eight (8).
Each liquid can be put into a barrel or released from a barrel back to pipes/storages.
Barrels can be transported through catapults and can be destroyed with their liquid in an Incinerator – which is a method to get rid of toxicity.

8 different kinds of liquids available in the game.

Containers Leaking

With the new glass/metal container comes new mechanics of liquid leaking.
Existing wooden containers will leak the liquid inside them, and if it’s something other than water it would create toxicity in the ground.

Toxic leaking from a liquid container.

We strongly suggest using Sealed containers for liquids other than water.

Sealed container keeping the toxic inside.

Sealed container for liquids wit more capacity.

Hope you’ll have fun with the new factories, plants, resources and spreading toxicity!

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