Terrain Manipulation

Here we are with a new update. This week a lot of work will be done and I’ll publish it once we polish a few things. But at this moment we have ready terrain manipulation. Here is a short video:

Now, here’s how it’s working.

Since the beginning my idea about the terrain was to be able to dig it and have differences in the terrain.

This is useful mainly for water manipulation – you can control simply the flow of the water. It’s not so practical for the buildings, and therefore you can build only at the zero level of the ground. However, you can make the ground zero by using platforms and it will solve the problem for you.

What you see on the video looks simple but is actually composed of quite a complex system.

  1. If you mark the area to dig/add soil it will be created as a job in the job system.
  2. Each character will look for an available job – if there is an available path.
  3. Each job is allocated only to one person so they can’t dig the same ground.
  4. Once they dig one layer it’s stored in their backpacks – each can now take 3 layers of soil.
  5. If the backpack is full they interrupt the job, but the job is still available and they are looking where to store the contents of the backpack.
  6. Jobs for adding soil are registered as storage so they can see that.
  7. They walk there and empty their backack.
  8. Once their backpack is empty they find the digging job is once more valid for them, so they go dig.
  9. And this is done until all the work is done.

All this is done and we can let characters do more complex work, like building something from different materials or producing some item … this week!