The early access trailer enhanced with the goal of the game

In this article you’ll find out the overarching goal of Revive & Prosper!
But first, check out the enriched trailer to get some clues.

Game goal

The story of Revive & Prosper is quite simple: The Earth suffers after an unknown catastrophy that wiped out humans and mutated few survivers.
These survived mutants need to recultivate the Earth to get food, build a place for sleep and most importantly – start a new industrial life balanced with environment so that they can construct, produce and automate while the nature prospers and shares its fruits.

Here comes the first big question – why the mutants build, produce and automate?
Because they need to leave the Earth and they need a technology allowing them to leave.
You’re probably asking the second big question – why the mutants need to leave?
Well, let’s keep this one as a small secret so that you can reveal the main plot of Revive & Prosper by yourself.

And because you are bright as a star, you’re now thinking about the third big question – where they’re going to leave?
Great question! Thank you for asking.
The first stop of the mutatns will be on the Moon.
You’ll construct, produce and automate in a different gravitation and environment. Fighting for every drop of water. (Literally or figuratively? You’ll find out in the game.)
And then you’ll finally land on Mars facing the biggest challenge of the game – to terraform the giant red dead land.

Can you Revive & Prosper in space?

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