Why We’re Releasing A “Prologue”

Okay. This post is a bit different. It’s not my usual development-related post for Revive & Prosper.

As you may know, we started working on the game 8 months ago, and plan to release it this fall. For any of you familiar with game design, that’s a very ambitious schedule. However, technically it can be done, thanks to the many, many hours we’ve been able to put into development.

Things have been going very well, moving very quickly. We’re excited with the milestones we’ve reached.

The bigger hurdle is marketing. While we have the development well in hand, releasing in the fall gives us only a short time in which to create enough buzz about the game to build an audience. Of course not every person who plays our game will like it, but there are people who are super excited about it.

Therefore, I believe our best marketing should be the game itself. To do that, and to build interest and anticipation, we plan to release a Prologue to Revive & Prosper publicly, now. The Prologue version is about 1-4 hours of gameplay, during which time you’ll be able to see if this is game for you or not.

It will be available on Itch.io, Steam, Epic store and many others.

Right now we’re testing it at Itch.io:

Download Revive and Prosper: Prologue – Indie DB

If you want, download the game and let us know what you think.

Thank you.