This is a new feature that actually wasn’t planned from the beginning but came about from the test plays of our game. When I was playing it looked to me that it just takes a long time for the characters to do all the work that I planned for them. And it took even longer when the characters need to sleep, eat and drink.

So I came with the idea to spawn a golem for each character. Here’s a short video explaining the new feature (I have behind me quite a few hectic days, so please excuse my bad voice quality):

Here’s how it works:

  • Each character can spawn only one golem.
  • Right now only sand golems are available.
  • Golems move slower but run all the time.
  • Golems don’t need to sleep, eat or drink, but they do run out of energy.
  • Golems can recharge every 24 hours.
  • If you don’t recharge your golem for 2 days he will slow down and then dismantle completely.
  • Sand golems don’t want to enter water – if they do they run out of energy faster.

To Recharge golems you need to use biomass. Biomass can be created by letting crops dry, or by using the Roll Press. Right now it takes 10 vegetables (of same kind) to create one biomass … this is for sure a topic for balancing.

I think this is a cool feature, and a nice example of how you can’t 100% predict where the development of a game will take you.