Closed Alpha

After 6 months of work on the game we would love to get feedback from the community, and also start building our team of core players who will participate with their feedback on the development of the game.

Use this Closed Alpha Sign Up page.

Access to the Alpha version will be limited to 3 weeks.

We will give out only 500 keys.

What you can expect by playing the Closed Alpha?

  • General concept of the game mechanics – environment, water, characters, building, belts, power networks, golems, how to control the game, etc.. Other mechanics are still in development.
  • About 10% of planned building – you will experience basic building from the manual age, most of the wood age and a few from the iron age. But there will be much more. The end game involves building around atomic plants and maybe even beyond.
  • First balancing. This is probably the area where we need most of your feedback. Our dream in terms of game design is to build a game that doesn’t need fast forward – meaning there is always something to do.
  • Few official levels created by us, just to demo game mechanics.
  • Editor – yes, after you play those levels we have a built-in editor and whole flow to upload those levels to the server and share them with other players. For us this is for very important – to build a community of level creators around our game. Therefore we want to build easy-to-use tools so you can create your own solutions.
  • Community levels – well maybe some of you will create a level in the editor so you can play them … let’s see.
  • Bugs – unfortunately this is our first public release and we are sure there will be some bugs and crashes even after the intensive testing we’ve done inside. We are still only a 5-person game studio.
  • Rewards -people who provide the most valuable feedback or build and share the best levels in the editor will get a free copy of the game once it’s released.

What do we expect?

We would love to get feedback from you. Please join our Discord and there is a channel for bug reporting and feedback.

If you want you can stream the content of the game. There will be an alpha water mark, so I hope your viewer will .

How you can up sign up for the Closed Alpha?

Use this Closed Alpha Sign Up page.

You will need an email to access the Closed Alpha. Once the Closed Alpha is released you will receive an email with the steam code. We will give out only 500 keys, so if you’re interested best to sign up now.

Again, thank you for you interest. We’ll be looking for your feedback at our Discord server.